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דצמ 17 2011

Food and Drink in Israel


This page is a sub page of the page of "Visiting and touring Israel".

This page is not meant to and can't cover all of the possible eat and drink places in Israel.
It will cover main cities places, mostly ones I know about and I like from my personal experience (places that I visited and liked will be marked with "(Personal experience)").
I hope, but can't promise, that I will update this page from time to time (It was created and published on 18-Dec-2011).

I suggest you will plan ahead and pre-book seats in advance in all places (unless noted differently).

Not all web sites has an English part, so use a translation service like "Google Translate".



Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv restaurants in Tel Aviv by TripAdvisor reviewers


Benedict (TripAdvisor Reviews) -A network of 24 hours open breakfast experience, with a large variety of breakfast from around the world, so if you miss your home breakfast, this is a sure place to have it in Israel. (Personal experience)

Orna & Ella (TripAdvisor Reviews) – A mix of upscale attitude with a Soho like artistic crowd, so the food is good but not too "lively". Kind of an "food institute". (Personal experience)


Pekin – Located at the north part of Tel-Aviv, has a long tradition of sustaining high quality and interest. Deliveries available. (Personal experience)

Giraffe – A network and noodles (and more) places. Not all is great, but all is quality. you can skip the starters. Both noodles and rice dishes are very good. The "Black Seafood Noodles" noodles is genius (black from the squid ink). the soups are standard. the deserts, surprisingly, are European classic awesome!- Profiterole the most and the pavlova is also great. Deliveries available. (Personal experience)

Thai House (TripAdvisor Reviews) – No apologies, hardcore Thai food, authentic and spicy as hell. service is slow. The closest you will get to Thailand in Israel. (Personal experience)


Dixie (TripAdvisor Reviews) – New York style dark lightning and wood theme, open 24 hours straight, has a wonderful food. wings and shrimps for starters, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Delightful fine grounding hamburger for main and good steaks. you can't fall there. They also do  deliveries (Personal experience)

Hudson Brasserie (TripAdvisor Reviews) – Excellent and expensive steaks. The rest also tries to aim high, but the steaks is the real deal here. Located at a north of Tel Aviv high-tech zone, so it is a bit out of the center of the city, but still accessible.

Fish/Sea food

Manta Ray (TripAdvisor Reviews) – One of our all-time favorites. Set on the Tel-Aviv beach, so at day and sunset you have a first row to the sea seat. The starters are a great soft bread with olive oil and rough salt and a small plates you choose.  from the variety choose the shrimp with mango/orange, fish with onion and, a secrete tip – ask for the Icră (it is never on the list of plates to choose from and it is great. it is a fish eggs salad). For main take the our beloved "Mixxxed Seafood in black cast-iron pot" or the bigger and a bit more spicy "Sharing Seafood" (more Asian style with coconut milk, pineapple, lemon grass, ginger and curry) – both hold shrimps, mussels and crabs.
Deserts are OK, not more than that. (Personal experience)


Adora (TripAdvisor Reviews) – A young chef (Avi Biton) place. small and intimate place. reasonable prices and great food that mixes French and north African tastes. A twist to the tradition will always be there. (Personal experience)

Raphael (TripAdvisor Reviews) – One of Tel-Aviv's most appraised restaurants. located on and above the beach it has a great sea view. the kitchen is a mix of Europe and the Arab food, all done in a high quality precision. the service is superb but not "high-nosed". Pre-booking is a must. Expensive, no doubt. (Personal experience)
It also have an internal own bar, separated from the restaurant, which also servers food from the restaurant kitchen.

Herbert Samuel (TripAdvisor Reviews) – A gourmet, high class and of course, expensive chef place. facing the sea (but only few tables). Great food. (Personal experience)

Catit (TripAdvisor Reviews) – One of the priciest restaurants in Israel. Gourmet that is aiming to play and firework with food. Not for everyone. (Didn't try myself yet)

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