Visiting and touring Israel

Shalom folks!

My name is Eitan Caspi.
I am an Israeli citizen and resident who lives in Israel and works for the American hi-tech company "F5 Networks", and so I am, from time to time, hosting in Israel visitors from abroad.
To help them (and eventually, anyone visiting and touring Israel)  in having a good experience when visiting and touring Isreal, I have created this page (and its sub-pages) to give you all some general information and web resources about Israel.

This page does not covering it all, but I tried to list here only the main and serious sources, you can always google for more…
I, of course, can't guaranty that the links will always work, will always lead you to the intended content and that the content will be accurate or up-to-date – always use your head and your common sense… 😉
All links should lead you to English pages.
Also, you can always use "google translate" to translate Hebrew web pages to English.

This page will be updates from time to time so it is a kind of a constant draft, so it will never be too tidy…

17-Dec-2011 – I added a sub-page of "Food and Drink in Israel".
23-Dec-2011 – I added a sub-page of "Transportation in Israel".

Emergency phones
Police – 100
Ambulance – 101
Fire department – 102
Local Municipality – 106 or 107 or 108
Electric company (only one in Israel…) – 103



Communication and Telecom
phone prefixes
Israel (to call Israel from outside of Israel) – 972
Tel-Aviv and center – 03 (972-3 from outside of Israel. use this example of the rule of omitting the leading zero from the local area prefix, for all local area codes)
Jerusalem – 02
Haifa and the north- 04
Hasharon (between the center and the north) – 09
The plain and the south – 08
The following codes are for the leading mobile phone operators – 050, 052, 054
1-80 or 1-800 are collect call numbers, where the call is free for you (only if called from inside of Israel) and paid by the owner of the number you are calling to.
Calling abroad – use 00 (double zero) and then the country number and so on.
National human assisted service for locating a person or a business landline or cellular phone number, it covers the numbers of customers of all of the landline and cellular operators, omitting ones who asked not to be listed – call 1344.
Bezeq (Israel's largest landline phone company) phone directory (business and people) – call 144 for human assisted phone number finding service

This are the main and veteran area codes, find more information here.

Newspapers and magazines
The Jerusalem Post
Ynet (Yediot Aharonot, Israel's largest daily newspaper)
Ha’aretz (left wing daily newspaper)
Israel Hayom (Israel Today, free daily newspaper, somehow right wing)
Israel news – Arutz Sheva (channel seven, right wing radio station with a news site)
TheMarker  (finance and business. I wrote there several articles in the lovely bubble years, some of them were translated to English)
Globes (finance and business)
Timeout Tel-Aviv (culture magazine)- (August 2014 issue, change the number downwards or upwards to see former or newer issues). Timout Israel in English on Facebook.

Tel-Aviv Yafo Specific (Yafo is the Hebrew word for Jaffa)
Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities for 2011…!Lonely Planet – Tel-Aviv
Tripadvisor, Visiting Tel-Aviv
Tripadvisor – Tel Aviv Travel – Recent Tel Aviv Reviews
Tel-Aviv Municipality
Tel Aviv Guide – looks a bit commercial, but has good tips and guidance


Tripadvisor Tel-Aviv hotels


Food & Drink – Restaurants
Tripadvisor, Tel-Aviv restaurants


Attractions and things to do and visit
TripAdvisor – Things to do in Tel-Aviv